Coyaba Cigars

You meet the most interesting people on LinkedIn. It was January 1, 2015 and I posted a question on the Cigar Club International Group page on LinkedIn  – What are you smoking to ring in the New Year? – Eagerly, I awaited for a response! then this gets posted – Juan Nunez the President of Coyaba Cigars, He will be smoking the Corp Coyaba Magnum White Label (8×56 – Ecuador desflorado wrapper…. My response to me of course was – never had one – tell me about your brand. He did just that!

Never having smoked cigarettes I feel that when one partakes of a cigar, especially a new one to her/him you have to do it at the right moment! After just 4 days (I just cannot wait) of his cigars resting and sitting in my humidor I could not wait any longer! As I gazed into my humidor the Green Label Toro just jumped out at me as if to say…I know you want to smoke me, don’t you? It was sitting nicely in my humidor and the Maduro Negro San Andres wrapper was exactly where my focal point resided! As I reflected on my day ahead of me I grabbed the toro and neatly clipped the cap of this beautiful dark San Andres Wrapper Cigar. The meaning of Coyaba in the Taino language means Paradise. To the Tainos the word Coyaba signified their Heaven. A place of ease and rest where time was spent feasting and dancing. On this day I am not ready to break out in a dance but some sitting back and brainstorming while relaxing with a cigar that will enable my mind to think outside of the box is what I have in mind. Could this be the stick that allows that or am I going to have to nurse it along the way?

Well as I began to toast the foot of the cigar it toasted very easily. From the start this cigar was behaving very well. I then took my customary puff and it felt like I was puffing through a straw (not a great feeling..but wait) I then lightly blew on the foot of the stick and had a very even bright red burn just like you want. I proceeded to puff on the stick and imagine my surprise when there was a very even draw unlike what I first experienced. I sat back in my chair and started thinking of the complex issue at hand. It is one of those do I or don’t I issues. Relaxing my mind because this cigar even though it is dark and bold is has a very earthy sweetness from the beginning. It was so sweet I likened it to almost a vanilla latte! The first third of this cigar has a very even burn. No touch-up needed at all. By now I had this feeling like this cigar was meant to be this morning. From the beginning it is a very comfortable smoked.
The binder is Ecuador Desflorado, Desflorado is a method of “cutting the flowers” off of the tobacco. This makes for a stronger tobacco with and increased sweetness as well. Also in the binder is Peru (Viso) which is a leaf that is more powerful than seco and less powerful than ligero. It also tends to be thinner than ligero and more thick than seco. In some countries, this type of leaf is known as volado. This binder also attributes to the subtle earthiness and sweetness that I am experiencing now well into the second third of the cigar.
The filler of this pleasing cigar is Dominican -Piloto Cubano – Piloto Cubano tobacco is grown from Cuban seed originating in Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo region. The result is a more malleable leaf with a fuller body and richer flavor than Olor, making it ideal for filler. Due to its ample flavor properties, you will also find Piloto Cubano in many cigars made outside of the D.R. This is a medium to full body cigar. On the retrohale you can really pick up the coffee flavor along with the earthy sweetness throughout. The filler also has Dominican Republic Doble Ligero and Nicaraguan Viso. This is not a cigar that when you start it you are looking for something special and never find it. The flavors remain throughout the entire cigar. Even when you get to the nub of it there is still that sweetness yet full body taste. This blend is very pleasing to smoke and the construction of the cigar is outstanding. A daring yet satisfying smoke throughout.
I would certainly suggest to anyone if they get a chance to pick this one up you will be very surprised. Their slogan is – We do not smoke the competition…The competition smokes us….